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Click here for your copy of "Daddy's Girl"

Tracey Thomas a native from Newark, New Jersey was born in the 1960’s. She attended Montclair State College and has established a career in the USPS for twenty four years. She has also obtained a cosmetology License in the State of New Jersey.

She has raised two children as a single parent. To whom she’s proud of. And, continues to encourage them in all their endeavors.

She is a woman of God, and credits her creativity and strength to the Lord! Tracey began to recognize her creativity as a hairstylist. However, writing became another valuable outlet of expression. As she continues on this journey of life she finds herself encouraging and enlightening others with wisdom from her personal experiences.

Tracey's writing career has been inspired by soon to be release book called “Never Stop Smiling.” In which God has placed in her heart.If her writings inspires, or helps one person it’s consider a success!

Book Price: $18.00 U.S. ($4.50 shipping and handling)

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