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Myriah McReynolds


Myriah McReynolds has found her passion in helping push others to their identity and freedom in Christ. Known for her quiet and calm spirit yet vibrant style, Myriah McReynolds has always had
a love for motivating people to find their God-ordained identity. She has exhibited this in leadership roles inside and outside of the church.  Whether that is through sharing her story, encouraging and praying for others, creating space for deliverance, or simply sharing what God has put on her heart through speaking or writing, Myriah found this passion when the fire was ignited in her at a young age.


Myriah met the love of God after dealing with much spiritual warfare and depression. After experiencing the love of God, a hunger and thirst for God was birthed. This caused her to find true communion with God after coming into a true relationship with Jesus. God began to reveal the call and purpose over her life. Ordained in Ministry in March 2011, she continues to pursue her call and is currently a commissioned minister at The Life Church RVA in Richmond, VA.

She finds an impact in aspiring college students and young women to find identity and relationship in God that will, in turn, set the tone for all other relationships.


Myriah later, obtained her degree in Forensic Biology and worked as a Scientist until God reordered her steps into working full-time in ministry at the Life Church RVA while pursuing a master's in Theological Studies and Clinical Mental Health.

Book Price: $18.00 U.S. ($4.50 shipping and handling)

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