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Dottie Keith-Reynolds

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Dottie Keith-Reynolds is an Empowerment Life Coach who was inspired to carry out the Vision of her late Mother, Lois Seabrooks. Her purpose was to motivate young girls ages 13-17 and women ages 18-over. Dorothea, also known as “Dottie”, has begun fulfilling this vision by founding the “Girls With A Dream & Women With A Vision Phenomenal Organization, Inc”. Dottie received her Empowerment Life Coach Certification online in July, 2019 at the American Union of NLP after which she established her Non-Profit Organization in November, 2019. Dorothea's vision is to touch the lives of young Girls and Women in the City of Camden and surrounding area by impacting them positively with love, guidance and support.


Dorothea (Dottie) is a resident of Camden, New Jersey and has been employed within the School System for many years. She observed that so many young girls and women were never encouraged to dream or make preparation for their future. Moved with compassion, Dottie realized that these young girls and women had been disregarded or overlooked by Society and decided it was time to do something about it. 


The purpose of the organization is to help prepare and cultivate these young girls and women in order to help them reach their fullest potential with regards to their education/vocational Goals, personal careers and etiquette through workshops, conferences and much more.



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