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Mekkiyah Salaam


Mekkiyah Salaam, a creative and ambitious young lady. As an accomplished author, her written words weave tales that captivate hearts and minds. Beyond the realm of literature, Mekkiyah is a budding entrepreneur, showcasing both innovation and leadership. Poised to embark on her college journey as a freshman, she radiates positivity and grace.

Mekkiyah is determined to inspire and uplift others through her words and actions. With a promising future ahead, this young trailblazer is set to make a meaningful impact on both the literary and entrepreneurial landscapes.

Mekkiyah Salaam is not merely carving a path for herself; she is a beacon of inspiration, giving glory to Our Father in Heaven, guiding her journey.

Book Price: $18.00 U.S. ($4.50 shipping and handling)

Purchase the book via Cashapp: $kiyah412

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